Kentucky’s quota hunt application period open through Sept. 30

September 16, 2023

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources offers annual quota hunts for deer, waterfowl and pheasants at state wildlife management areas and other public lands, and for sandhill cranes on a statewide basis. Randomized drawings are conducted to determine recipients of the hunt opportunities that are each limited to a specific quota number.

Hunters can apply for these quota hunts through Sept. 30 via the MyProfile online portal at Applications are not accepted over the phone, and the minimum fee is $3 per application. Applicants will receive a confirmation number. Results will be posted online as soon as Oct. 6 through MyProfile.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife offers 38 deer quota hunts at various wildlife management areas (WMAs) and state parks; waterfowl quota hunts at five public land locations; pheasant hunts at 3 WMAs; and statewide permits to hunt sandhill cranes.

Locations and dates for 2023-24 deer season quota hunts at Kentucky state parks include:

Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park: Nov. 6-10, Dec. 9-10 (youth only) and Jan. 6-7, 2024

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park: Nov. 3-5, Nov. 10-12 and Jan. 9-10, 2024

Green River Lake State Park: Dec. 14-17 and Dec. 21-24

Kenlake State Resort Park: Nov. 9-12 and Jan. 6-7, 2024

Kincaid Lake State Park: Dec. 7-10 and Dec. 14-17

Quota deer hunts during the 2023-24 season will also be held at 17 WMAs throughout the state. A quota hunt at Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area in Meade County is scheduled for Dec. 9-10.

For a complete list of all quota deer hunts, dates and special regulations view pages 39-42 of Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s annual Fall Hunting and Trapping Guide or visit the online Quota Hunts webpage at Some hunts are reserved for youth or mobility-impaired hunters. Kentucky’s annual hunting guides (booklets summarizing applicable regulations) are also available at license vendors throughout the state.

Upland bird hunters can apply for pheasant quota hunts that will be held at Green River Lake on Nov. 17-19 and at Yellowbank and Clay WMAs on Dec. 1-3.

For waterfowl, quota hunts will be held at Ballard WMA and Sloughs WMA. Review procedures for these hunts on page 40 of the Fall Hunting and Trapping Guide or through the department’s online Waterfowl Hunting Regulations webpage.

The statewide sandhill crane season is Dec. 7 through Jan. 31, 2024. Drawn sandhill crane hunters will be issued printable tags attached to hunting permits, accessible through the online sandhill crane app at Selected applicants must pass an online sandhill crane identification test before receiving a permit, and while hunting must carry the crane permit and tags in addition to a valid Kentucky hunting license and Migratory Bird/Waterfowl Permit.

Quota hunts control the number of hunters in an area to provide quality hunting opportunities and regulate harvests at specific areas. Residents and non-residents are eligible. Prior to hunts, drawn hunters must purchase applicable licenses and permits to legally hunt during quota hunts.