Leslie Couch

April 02, 2024
Leslie Couch Leslie Couch

Leslie Couch was born on April 2, 1940 to Frank and Ophia Couch. He grew up in

Leslie County with his brothers, Leroy and Logan, and sister, Beulah. Early in his

adult life, he worked as a truck driver. He moved to Dayton, Ohio in the mid 60s,

where he worked as a mechanic and was eventually owner/operator of Couch’s

Sohio on North Main Street. He was successful and made many friends in Dayton,

but when his granddaughter was born, he couldn’t get back home fast enough.

This is when he became known by his favorite name ‘Pa’, not only by his

grandchildren, but others as well. He owned and operated Couch’s Mini Mart on

Elk for approximately 10 years until he moved the store to Hwy. 66 at the Big

Creek exit. He also worked for many years with various gas companies.

Although he didn’t drink coffee, he drank hot chocolate with ice in the mornings

with his coffee drinking buddies. No doubt, many world issues were solved during

these early mornings. He loved his babies, John Deere, Toyota and a good Yeti

cup. His favorite past time was his work, either mowing or working the gas wells.

He enjoyed work immensely and never thought any of us worked enough.

Vacations were out of the question as was any recreation. His work was his fun

and he thought any trip was a waste of money and made sure we knew it. Just a

few days ago, we had received a bad prognosis and were solemnly standing around

his bed. He opened his eyes, looked up and said ‘you all need to be working’.

He was known by many in the community for his good heart. One friend told of

him buying the lumber and paying for labor to have a ramp built for her dad. For

many years, he took joy in delivering a ham, a cake and a big bucket of peppermint

candy to his friends at Christmas.

A lot of us will miss him driving by morning, noon and night, with traffic backed

up behind him, just checking on things.

We know that we will never mow it right, drive it right or work enough, but we

will continue to try just the same.

Visitation will be at Couch’s Fork Church of God, 33246 Hwy. 421, Bear Branch,

Kentucky from 6:00-10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Funeral will be at the Church, Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 1:00 P.M. with Brother Todd Hicks, Teddy Couch and Joey Burns officiating.

Burial will follow in the Farmer Couch Cemetery, Bear Branch, Kentucky.

The following will serve as pall bearers: Hailey Napier, George Gilbert, Raymond

Hubbard, Doug Couch, Logan Couch, Colton Nolan, David Clay Brown, Kevin


Honorary pall bearers: Paul Ledford, Mertie (Babe) Couch, Donnie Burns, Johnny

Williams, John Roberts, Randy Ledford, Oscar Hoskins, James Charles Maggard,

Eddie Spurlock, Junior Bowman.