River season is approaching!

by Tim Parks--Manchester Tourism Director

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their week as March Madness is underway. This is always my favorite time of the year, and it looks like the Cats may have a legitimate shot this year to make a deep run.

Not only that, but Wrestlemania season is upon us. I’ve always been a huge wrestling fan and am excited about that.

The other season coming in is river season. Our river system here in Clay County is severely underrated. Small mouths, drums, walleye, and muskies can all be found in our river system.

The warm days make it perfect to wet a line or go for a ride in a kayak.

Soon, our rivers will have some tagged fish. Yeah, you heard that right. Manchester Tourism

Commission will be tagging some fish, and if you catch them and show the picture of the fish and tag, you get paid. You can’t beat that.

I would suggest everyone promote our rivers, use our rivers, and take your kids to the river.

It’s a natural resource that is often overlooked and creates so much fun. I know I’m excited about hitting the river soon.

Much Love Manchester!