At Last!

by By Melissa Garrison

I recently read that cell service is coming to Oneida! That news is as exciting as an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

Well, maybe even more exciting actually. For years, at least since probably the year 2000, when I can remember my first cell phone, service in our area hasn’t been great.

I don’t have service for at least 17 miles from my home. Can I tell you just how inconvenient that is? When I pay for cell service each month, but have no service where I need it the most.

I do believe that we live in a world where cell phones have replaced most landlines, so why it has taken this long?

I’ll just blame it on the mountains and leave it there. Because I’d hate to make an estimated guess on the actual reasons.

My son ran out of gas one night, had he have had service, he could have called me.. instead, he had to hope that someone safe came to help him get to a station at 11 pm. Thank goodness someone nice did help him.

I’m thankful for this advance in our area. Cell service will be beneficial in emergencies. When people are working in this area, I know that they will be glad for signal to make and receive calls. I’m always glad to see good changes and I believe we are due some.

Speaking of changes.. we’ve went from freezing cold, snow and ice to mild and rainy. The weather is sure to change and the times do too.

I can’t even count the changes that have happened just since I was born, in 1980. I sure thought we’d have flying cars by now too, like the Jetsons you know. I’m just not sure that I’d want one.

I hope yuns are as excited as us Oneidians are.

“The day is coming when telegraph wires will be laid onto houses just like water or gas - and friends converse with each other without leaving home.”

--Alexander Graham Bell