Distillery will display barn wood over 100-years-old donated by Parks family

June 28, 2024

Charles and Betty Parks had no idea what to do with their over 100-year-old barn falling on Thomas Branch at Brightshade.

Thanks to their son, Manchester Tourism Director Tim Parks, the barn's legacy will live forev-er in the new Manchester Distillery.

The Parks Family has graciously donated the wood from the barn to be used in the interior of the new distillery, which will be located on Jockey Street in downtown Manchester.

Charles Parks says he’s glad the barn can be put to use.

“We’ve used it for over 40 years, and it was here long before we bought this land,” he said. “I’m glad it can be used for something in Manchester.”

The barn, built initially by the Smallwood Family, has served many generations of farmers who have grown tobacco, corn, and other crops there.

“We didn’t know exactly what to do with it,” Betty said. “We were worried it was going to fall in the road. Tim asked if we’d like to donate the wood for this new distillery. Anything we can do to help Clay County, we will do.”

Tim Parks asked Manchester Distilling Company investor Trevor Lee if he’d like to use the wood.

“He jumped on it immediately,” Parks said. “He loved the idea of having something this old from Clay County as part of the décor in the tasting area of the distillery.”

Parks said construction will begin immediately to raze the barn, and the wood will be stored until the distillery is ready to use it.

“They (the distillery) will also be utilizing some original Clay County stone,” he said. “I’m just happy my family could play a small part in bringing something unique to Manchester. I en-joyed that barn as a child growing up, and I’m glad that part of my heritage can be used to help make Clay County better.”